Regional informatization


System for Procedural Compliance

The System for Procedural Compliance (SIR) is designed to support the provision of public and municipal services in electronic form, as well as inter-agency communication of public authorities. User access is implemented via the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA).

As regards communication with the federal executive authorities (FOIV), the SIR is integrated with the Inter-Agency Electronic Interaction System (SMEV 3.0). The migration of data (CMEV 2 - SMEV 3) is carried out according to the plan of transition to data provision through the single electronic service SMEV.

The SIR includes the following components and modules:

Adapters/services Libraries designed to meet the inter-agency communication needs of the region. The libraries are delivered as a stand-alone solution, integrated with the SIR, yet having an API for integration with other departmental information systems (VIS);

Regional Inter-agency Communication Module to support the information exchange between regional executive authorities and local government bodies, as well as the management of the parameters of such exchange;

Interregional Inter-agency Communication Module (96-p) designed to support interaction with other constituent entities of the Russian Federation as regards submitting and receiving regional-level information required for rendering public and municipal services (as per Decree No. 96-p of the Government of the Russian Federation dated January 23, 2015);

Consumer Module for interregional inter-agency data exchange with ROIV/OMSU (an automated consumer workstation designed to support inter-agency communication when providing public services);

Appointment Booking Module designed to facilitate early e-appointment booking for agencies’ visitors through applying via Public Services Portal (PGU) when rendering public and municipal services (in 2018, the concentrator services support has been implemented for the module);

Reporting Module designed to generate e-reports on public (municipal) services rendered and inter-agency electronic interactions performed within the regional e-government infrastructure.

The system and its modules are widely used in many constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The development plan for 2018-2019 envisages both the UX/UI interface and the functionality enhancements with due regard to the customers’ requirements and current trends.