Regional informatization



In 2016, RT Labs experts teamed up with the Russian Telecom Ministry to implement multiregional functionality on the Unified Public Services Portal of (EPGU) .

The multiregionality makes it possible to design regional services and add them to EPGU, to use the portal functionality and mechanisms for provision of services in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as to optimize the regions’ expenditures associated with the development and support of regional portals. Since 2016, more than 50 regions have become project participants, and the solution provides access to more than 7,500 regional and more than 20,300 municipal ones.

Opportunities opened to the RF subjects by the migration to multiregional functionality:

  • execution of the Instruction of the President on improving the quality of electronic services;
  • execution of Federal Law No. 210-FZ, Resolutions No. 236 and 861 of the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • free-of-charge use of the EPGU functionality;
  • centralized update of the functionality in accordance with regulations;
  • a “single entry point” to receive public services electronically;
  • lowering the cost of development, hosting and support of interactive forms;
  • ability to embed the Appointment service in the service form;
  • possibility of embedding payment functionality in the service form.