Regional informatization


ESP. Monitoring service effectiveness

ESP. Monitoring service effectiveness is an analytical software package implemented to monitor the implementation of performance indicators of digital public administration. The complex provides monitoring of regional and municipal services availability (the Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation and Regional Public Services Portals), as well as monitoring the full cycle of the quality of processing and provision of public services when receiving the request in departmental information systems (DIS), in the course of registration through municipal services office (and/or through executive authorities.

Key features:
-Monitoring regional and municipal services (according to the requirements of the regulatory legal acts)
-Monitoring the quality of service delivery
-Monitoring service availability and efficiency
-Monitoring and control of the efficiency of ROIV/LSG specialists
-Monitoring performance indicators of digital public administration (DPA)
-Visualization tools for received and processed information (Dashboard)
-Tools to report problems and generating scheduled reports
-Possibility of flexible adjustment of service checks (including, but not limited to the use of statistical and mathematical methods)

The following user modules are implemented within the complex:
Service Performance Monitoring Module - provides tools to monitor citizens' satisfaction with the performance of government and local authorities as regards provision of government and municipal services.
Module for service availability monitoring - provides analysis of data and their interrelationships in the framework of provision of public services (availability of the service for ordering and correctness of the form when filling in, efficiency of all steps of service provision, correctness of sending a request to the agency, recording the monitoring history, etc.).