Regional informatization


Service Delivery Module Workstation

Workstation “Service Delivery Module” is a system designed to automate the process of delivery of government and municipal services in electronic form.

Users can access the Service Delivery Module workstation via the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA), as well as through their local accounts.
The Service Delivery Module workstation is part of the regional e-Government infrastructure and accepts applications and user documents submitted both through the Unified Public Services portal or regional portals and from the workdesk of a specialist who provides services electronically.
The Service Delivery Module workstation automates the following processes:

• verification of compliance of applications with the established requirements and check of the completeness of the document set submitted by the applicant, necessary to form and get the applicant's file registered;
• preparation of the internal departmental documentation based on the e-application data, using preset templates;
• conversion of the submitted documents into electronic form.
The system also supports generation of service delivery progress reports and sending them to the applicant through the Personal Cabinet at the Unified Public Services Portal.