Orphanage in Ostashkov


Friends, charity is more than just a feeling inside. It is a powerful force capable of doing good deeds and making the world a better place.

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We are a young and successful team. Our ambitions are backed by experience in implementing complex projects country-wide.

We are professionals who possess unique expertise, but also generate creative ideas and do not shy away from non-standard tasks! However, it’s more than victories and achievements in business that make us strong and successful.

True manifestation of strong character is the ability to empathize with others, as well as in the inner readiness to help those in need. Many of us energetically support various charity and philanthropy projects and participate in socially focussed activities and events, building a really philanthropic community.

Among our company employees are people who are already helping disadvantaged children and forgotten veterans, without any fanfare or publicity. There are those who willingly engage in volunteering in various city-wide and federal projects throughout Russia. It’s nice to work in a team where people are willing to dedicate their spare time to this activity, finding internal inspiration in such noble deeds and actions.

To support these noble initiatives, the RT Labs Centre for Social Initiatives was set up in October 2016. We do not limit creativity by imposing a standard approach to this important activity. That is why we come up with such ideas full of warmth and kindness.

We decided to start our journey to charity by supporting an orphanage in the town of Ostashkov. Of course, financial assistance is important, but more important is to give care and attention to children. That is why our volunteers participate in concerts, prepared by the pupils, help in making repairs in their orphanage. Photo reports of the events can be seen here.