Search engine and navigation system Gosbar goes live

14 April

A system developed and maintained by RT Labs

Search engine and navigation system Gosbar is part of e-government infrastructure, enabling quick navigation across the websites of government agencies and data search on federal, regional and local government agencies’ websites.

The project was commissioned by the Russian Telecom Ministry which is developing a procedure for Gosbar to go live on all government agencies’ websites.

The system has been developed by RT Labs and Netrica, while RT Labs is in charge of project maintenance.

A navigation tool for multiple government websites, Gosbar is part of a project to streamline access to government e-services, launched by the Telecom Ministry in furtherance of Government Decree No.991-r dated 9 June 2014 (On the Approval of an Action Plan to Develop Access Mechanisms for Federal and Municipal E-Services).  

A Gosbar widget can be placed on the website of any federal, regional or local government agency. Gosbar’s search box is located underneath the browser’s URL bar as an independent portal panel and enables search across all government services and websites. Currently, Gosbar is built in the beta version of the EPGU portal (

The system interface can be adapted to the design of any government resource. Gosbar navigator as a web app is compatible with all commonly used operating systems and browsers and is available on mobile website versions. 

Gosbar is integrated with government search system Sputnik and the Federal Register of Government and Municipal Services / Functions.