Smart casual meeting

24 June

A tradition for informal meetings established in 2015 at RT Labs

A tradition for RT Labs managers to meet in a smart casual format was launched in 2015. Since then, there have been many meaningful events for the Company: it has opened branches in the three key regions, was awarded a contract to operate IEP in 2016 and got carte blanche for the development of new products and services for the benefit of Rostelecom. Acting under the Strategy adopted last year, the Company has accomplished the third stage of organizational transformation, marking the completion of a project to turn RT Labs into the lead system integrator for the Rostelecom group of companies.

In the context of a rapidly changing environment, major challenges and ambitious objectives, it is very important that the key personnel and managers can meet informally to discuss business development, Company plans, workplace management, business environment and professional and career growth. These were the issues addressed at an informal meeting attended by the General Director, his deputies and managers across the Company.

Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director, RT Labs, believes that regular friendly meetings help to establish spiritual bonds across the Company. ‘Events of this kind cement the foundations of our corporate culture and its respective elements; they help to take a fresh look at the events around us and exchange opinions and concerns.