In a comprehensive and proper manner

11 May

Sergei Kostoglod has been awarded a commendation from the Telecom Minister

Sergei is Head of e-Government Operation Unit at Rostelecom and Director for Operational Management at RT Labs. This commendation marks a significant contribution he has made to the development of the e-government and information community in Russia.

Sergei has worked in the telecom sector for 17 years. At Rostelecom, he has risen from line manager to head of e-government operational management.

The unit he is in charge of is responsible for developing ideas for operational management / maintenance of e-government services and information systems, SLA control by Rostelecom, as well as contracts with other contractors for the operation and maintenance of IEP information systems.

‘Since 2012, each annual government contract for the operation of e-government infrastructure has been worth above two billion roubles. Sergei’s personal involvement has helped to ensure that the services provided to the government as customer under these contracts are offered in a comprehensive and proper manner. Our sincere congratulations to Sergei as we look forward to new professional achievements from him,’ said Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director, RT Labs, and Director for E-Government, Rostelecom.