EPGU account verification through online-banking has gained popularity

17 May

The number of banks participating in the project is expected to grow

Over 700,000 citizens verified their accounts at the Unified Public Services Portal ( through online-banking during two months, March and April 2018. The new function was implemented for the Post Bank Online and Tinkoff Bank customers in 2017 and for the clients of Sberbank Online – in March 2018. The service commissioned by the RF Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Media was implemented by Rostelecom together with its subsidiary RTLabs.
During this period, the share of verifications through online-banking accounted for 25% of the number of users who confirmed their accounts at the Service Centers.
According to the developer (Rostelecom and RTLabs), the service is most popular with the users of Sberbank Online application – over 460,000 EPGU users verified their accounts through it during the above mentioned period, and over 260,000 verifications were made through Post Bank Online.
“The remote verification of EPGU accounts is growing in popularity with the Post Bank customers of all age categories, since public services are used by Russians of all ages. We expect that the number of verifications through the bank’s digital channels will exceed 500 thousand by the end of this year,” says Anastasia Maslennikova, Post Bank Vice-President and Director for e-Business Development.
Women verified their accounts through online-banking most often – they turned out to account for almost 57%. The new feature was most popular with citizens of 25-34 y.o. (over 31% of all those who verified their accounts using the service) followed by clients of partner banks aged 45+ (over 29%) and users aged 35-44 (about 23%).
Among the most frequent users of the new channel are residents of the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as Moscow, Sverdlovsk, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, and Chelyabinsk regions, Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Tatarstan.
“The popularity of the new service with the customers of partner banks shows that citizens have become more frequent users of digital services and alternative channels of access to public services. We expect that the number of partner banks providing the EPGU account verification service will grow,” says Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for Electronic Government, Rostelecom.
Starting this year, the number of registered users of the Unified Public Services Portal has grown by 7 million to exceed 71m, with 60% of them having verified accounts. Monthly, the number of verified accounts grows by 1 million on average.
This status is required to get 95% of federal, regional and municipal e-services. In the spring and summer period, citizens most often request international passports and pay traffic fines, taxes and penalties adjudicated by courts, in order to avoid any problems when travelling abroad for holidays.