Happy New Year

30 December

Assessing what we achieved in 2016 and making plans for 2017

Dear colleagues and friends,

Today we are looking at what we achieved in the outgoing year. It was a challenging, leap year. A year of hard but rewarding work, of major and minor victories, and a year that gave our Company special momentum. We can’t say it was plain sailing: we had our ups and downs, disappointments and sometimes failures. But the challenges we faced have made us stronger, smarter and wiser, helping us to hone our skills.

We established computerization for health care, which was a new practice for our Company. Not only have we established competences in this sector, we have grown to be one of the best in it.

We achieved a breakthrough in regional expansion, earning more than 30% of our revenues in the regions.

Our Team gained a strong foothold in the operation and development of the e-Government Infrastructure (IEP). Starting from 2017, we will concentrate all competences in front- and back systems for IEP with us, while our contractor will only be controlling the operation of IEP. 

In late 2016, we started work to launch a new business line, fiscal services. Very soon we will include three more new Products in our computerization perimeter in this field.

As we all look forward to a merry New Year, I would like, on behalf of our shareholder and myself, to thank each and every employee, engineer and manager for their contribution to our cause. It is very important that the challenges we had to face have not become hurdles, have not made us lose heart or our will-to-win spirit. Quite the reverse, we have used them as a springboard towards a totally new stage of development.

This year we will carry on with our tradition to celebrate Best of The Best by giving our awards to the most proficient across our vast workforce at our annual event.

As we grew our workforce in 2016, our numbers exceeded 550, so we have decided to expand the list of awards by introducing a special bonus this year, titled ‘Acknowledgments for the Contribution to Company Development in 2016’. This award will be given to 30 staff members selected by the Board from across the entire Company.

It is my hope that these enjoyable bonuses and our annual event will crown the outgoing year and mark the launch of a pleasant winter vacation. Do your best to relax and renew, both physically and emotionally, as we enter a new and important stage for the Company and the entire Team. The New Year will bring us new and challenging projects, more meaningful victories and landmarks.

I wish you and your loved ones happiness, good health and patience. As we work hard every day they give us new strength and inspiration. Let us appreciate their support.

Good luck and a happy New Year to everyone!

Yours sincerely

Mikhail Bondarenko

General Director

RT Labs