RTLabs connected Rosselkhozbank to the Unified Biometric System

3 February

A person registered in the Unified Biometric System (UBS) can become the bank's client from any place of the world

The RTLabs team has completed connection of  Rosselkhozbank  (RSHB) to the remote identification service in the Unified Biometric System. In order to become the bank's client and receive financial services 24 hours a day, you just have to submit data to the Unified Biometric System in advance and go through a remote identification procedure in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA).
The RSHB biometric system, developed and implemented by RTLabs, is based on the RTL Biometrics Platform and is fully integrated with the ESIA and the Unified Biometric System. The solution ensures biometric identity verification not only with respect to remote customer service, but also for provision of a number of services in a department to counter illegal activities.
“The remote identification mechanism is one of the components of the unified biometric system of Rosselkhozbank, which renders possible to improve the quality and safety of customer service. Together with RSHB, we have gone a long way to create a biometric system of the bank and today we continue adapting it for other business processes of the bank”, emphasized Dmitry Kore, Director for RTLabs Government Customer Business.
“Rosselkhozbank actively introduces modern digital services and advanced technologies that make life easier and significantly save people's time. The ability to ensure the availability and security of high-quality banking services in rural areas is our strategic priority. For residents of remote or inaccessible territories, biometrics may be the only way to get a full range of financial services", said Irina Zhachkina, First Deputy Chairman of RSHB Board. “Today, remote identification allows citizens to receive banking services without leaving home – you just have to register in the Unified Biometric System developed by Rostelecom". RSHB, along with other banks connected to the Unified Biometric System, rendered possible to any citizen to become a client of the bank and receive financial services by biometrics. Rostelecom actively develops the system and in the near future, remote biometric identification will allow citizens to buy goods in stores, without presenting a credit card or smartphone, and get into transport without a boarding pass and paper ticket. In order to make payments at a glance, it will be sufficient just to look in the camera. The first pilot projects will be buying coffee in Coffee Bean coffee shops and getting into the underground", said Ivan Berov, Director for Digital Identity, Rostelecom.