RTLabs as Partner of the 15th Forum B+S Technology-Driven Banking

23 March

One of the Forum’s presentations was focussed on Biometrics Workstation

The 15th Annual Forum B+S Technology-Driven Banking took place on 22 March in Yekaterinburg, with RTLabs as Partner. Discussions at the Forum were focussed on innovation, information security in the banking sector and business process optimisation in the financial sector.
One of the Forum events was a presentation of RTLabs solution Biometrics Workstation, made by Mikhail Krymsky, Advisor to the General Director of RTLabs (Biometrics Workstation as a Tool for Collecting Biometric Samples). Ivan Horoshun, an RTLabs project manager, showed how the service operated in practice at the RTLabs pavilion in the Forum’s exhibition zone.
Biometrics Workstation supports the amendments made to Federal Law 115 on 20 December 2017, requiring the banks to collect and register personal biometric data for the purposes of remote servicing. The process takes no longer than two minutes and ensures successful registration of biometric data in 99% of all cases. Biometrics Workstation does not require any additional software to be installed on operators' workplaces in the bank’s internal network.
RTLabs is Rostelecom’s technology partner for the operation and development of e-government infrastructure (IEP) and the development of the Unified Biometric System (EBS). EBS is designed to ensure remote biometric verification/confirmation of customer identity through the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA) for remote servicing purposes.