RTLabs presented Biometrics Workstation at International PLUS-Forum

1 June

Over 1000 delegates attended the event

For the first time ever, RTLabs participated in the International PLUS-Forum "Cards, Payments and Mobile” to present their Biometrics AWS solution.  
The solution is a kind of one-stop window for operations with the user account in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA) and the Unified Biometric System.
According to the amendments to Federal Law FZ-115, banks are obliged to collect and register clients' personal data when delivering customer services remotely. The Biometrics AWS allows bank staff to capture and send clients’ biometric samples to the Unified Biometric System as well as find client accounts in ESIA or register them therewith. The capture of photo images and voice samples takes two minutes at the most, allowing the operator to take care of the next client with no need to wait for a response from the system.  
99% of biometric samples registrations are successful.
Based on web-technology, the Biometrics Automated Work Station can be rolled out in a bank's internal network without any additional software to be installed at operators' work stations.