RTLabs assists with distance learning at Moscow region's schools

29 May

Integration of various digital systems can significantly improve the quality of educational services

Every school day more than 900 thousand people use the School Portal service developed and supported by RTLabs together with The digital service, which has become especially popular during the pandemic, offers to the participants of the educational process access to marks, timetables and homework 24 hours a day.
The students of 1,287 schools in Moscow region get home assignments in digital format through the Fizikon platform “Homework Online”. In April 2020, teachers gave more than 5.5 million take-home assignments and gave almost 38.2 million marks. In addition, diagnostic assessment on a regional level was successfully carried out under a specialized education quality control system, in which more than 130 thousand students (grades 8-9) took part.
The Navigator Unified Information System, another joint project of RTLabs and, is also actively implemented in Moscow Region. The company RTK-Diary is developing a number of educational digital solutions that provide support to teachers with their methodological work, render assistance to students getting training in various educational institutions, and provide government and municipal services in education.
The total audience of the platform in Russia has exceeded 13 million people, including students, teachers and parents. The platform is among the top 20 most popular websites in Russia according to the SimilarWeb analytical resource. In April 2020, the number of messages exchanged by users on increased twenty fold compared with the same period of the last year, and the number of files with educational materials uploaded to the platform and the scope of homework done was over 50 times higher.