RTLabs received thanks from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Mari El

29 June

The company, in collaboration with Rostelecom, has provided services for the RMIS operation in Mari El since 2013

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Mari El represented by Ernst Mikhailov, Deputy Head of Medical Statistics and Healthcare Computerization, expressed gratitude to RTLabs for the implementation and operation of the Regional Medical Information System (RMIS).
“We hope the system growth and development rates will keep up the momentum, with the quality of services to be sustained and further improved” said Ernst Mikhailov in a letter of thanks.
Besides, the system received good references from the pilot medical institutions, the Territorial Fund of Mandatory Health Insurance and other organizations.
Over the past three years, PMIS operation has resulted in a 16-fold growth of the average monthly number of outpatient services based on completed examination protocols, and a 28-fold increase in the number of inpatient services.