RTLabs receives Award for computerisation of regional government agencies

20 April

RTLabs wins the Award for the first time

RTLabs received their award in the category Technology and Innovation (nomination For the Contribution to Government Agencies Computerisation) at the Regional Development. Best for Russia Forum in Sochi on 20 April 2018.
Regional computerisation is one of the key areas of activity for RTLabs, a company computerising business processes at regional and municipal agencies in 37 regions of Russia, including public services and interagency electronic information exchange.
The Forum had a round table to discuss the most critical regional projects to help deliver balanced socio-economic development for federal entities. Dmitry Fink, Executive Director and Head of Regional Projects Board at RTLabs, discussed projects for the development of the Unified Public Services Portal and computerisation of regional government agencies.
Regional Development. Best for Russia is a forum held annually to set priorities for regional socio-economic development and to raise public awareness of the interaction between public and commercial entities. The event was attended by the leading Russian companies engaged in federal and mono-regional projects.