RTLabs has developed a super service landing page

27 August

Descriptions and pilot models of 10 super services became available on the Government Services Portal

RTLabs has made a breakthrough in the development of innovative solutions for digitalization of the country. As part of the development of integrated electronic services, RTLabs has undertaken a crucial task of visualizing super-services on the Government Services Portal.
Information on 10 super services is available on the landing page: giving birth to a child, going to college, moving to another region, online registration of a European Accident Statement, digital enforcement proceeding, administration of justice, filing applications with law enforcement agencies, an online pension, appealing fines, loss of a loved one. Users can get familiar with the pilot models of future integrated services and leave suggestions for their development.
In February 2019, the Government approved a list of 25 priority life situations that need to be translated into an integrated service delivery format. At the moment, descriptions and pilot models of all super services are ready, which are discussed by the expert community. A number of super services have been approved by the Presidium of the governmental commission for the use of information technologies to improve the quality of life and conditions of doing business. In November 2019 the first service will be launched, that is registration of a European Accident Statement in case of a minor traffic accident. It is planned, that all 25 super services will be implemented within 3-4 years.