RTLabs created a special landing page for job seekers

2 July

At you can find information about a company and use the online vacancy designer

RTLabs implements global projects that are backed by real professionals. At the start of the year, the team included 700 people, and today it has already more than 850 employees.
RTLabs creates solutions that change the lives of millions for the better. The Company needs people who are ready to think globally, change the world around them and create a digital future for the country. That is why RTLabs has implemented a special project - a landing page for jobseekers. There they can find information about the company and projects, watch a video about the lives of employees in different cities and most importantly - find or collect a vacancy right for themselves.
This product has no analogues. As a rule, job seekers look for information on corporate business card sites or on company pages on job resources. On the RTLabs employer’s landing page, they can find a suitable vacancy or use the online designer and find a job of their dream.