RTLabs, BARS Group and KFU launch Digital Medicine and Healthcare Competence Centre

7 June

The parties sign an agreement at CIPR 2018

RTLabs, BARS Group (a subsidiary of the National Centre for Informatization), and Kazan Federal University (KFU) intend to establish autonomous non-profit organisation Digital Medicine and Healthcare Competence Centre. The agreement was signed by Director of KFU‘s Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology Andrei Kiyasov; General Director of RTLabs Mikhail Bondarenko; and General Director of BARS Group Timur Ahmerov at Industrial Russia’s Digital Industry Conference.
The Competence Centre is expected to make a contribution to the development of telemedicine technologies, systems for medical decisions support and artificial intelligence technologies used by the federal, municipal and private healthcare sectors.
As part of the government’s Digital Economy programme, multiple projects are under way to computerise healthcare by establishing telemedicine services and applying block-chain-based MIS and artificial intelligence systems to support the making of medical decisions.
Direct involvement with these projects to ensure that high-quality medical care is available across Russia is seen as an objective of strategic importance.
‘This agreement helps put to use competences that are available today for computerising healthcare and opens up new opportunities for effective cooperation and exchange of best practices by bringing the best experts and consultants to Competence Centre projects,’ said Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director of RTLabs.
‘Given that IT development in Russian healthcare has reached a vibrant phase, it is not enough now to simply have current business processes digitised. What doctors and patients need is streamlined, prompt and personalised medical service. This is where we can rely on fundamental sciences, neural networks, telemedicine, mobility and prompt medical service. To make this happen, BARS Group, RTLabs, and KFU are combining their forces to develop technologies and put science to practical use,’ added Timur Ahmerov, General Director of BARS Group.