RTK Soft Labs joins in the celebration of Innopolis birthday

9 June

The new IT city was founded on 9 June 2015

Five years ago, on 9 June 2012, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev and President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov placed a time capsule at the site of the future IT city with a message to future generations, whereas the city as such was launched into life on 9 June 2015.
Over the two years it has become a home for IT experts and their families from across Russia.
The city today has the entire infrastructure it needs: residential, educational, medical and sporting. Innopolis has made notable progress over the two years and now boasts 2,500 residents, 600 students and 113 companies of which 56 are residents and partners of the Innopolis Special Economic Zone.
The festive ceremony started with congratulations from Russia’s Telecom Minister Nikolai Nikiforov, Tatarstan’s Prime Minister Alexei Pesoshin and Innopolis Mayor Ruslan Shagaleyev.
Nikolai Nikiforov said, ‘We will do everything we can so that this place is able to grow the quality of its life and momentum on an ongoing basis. It was designed for you. Congratulations, Innopolis!’
In honour of the anniversary, thirty-three best Innopolis University students received certificates worth RUB 100,000 to 400,000 (depending on their grades) as contributions to the purchase of prospective apartments in Innopolis.
Cover group Doratti and GKChP, the official Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band, played a gig as part of the festivities.
City birthday events were sponsored by RTK Soft Labs, an Innopolis Special Economic Zone resident, and SberTech, an Innopolis partner.
‘Innopolis is a fledgling city with a unique urban environment. It has everything for a comfortable life and rewarding work: a unique eco environment, a modern infrastructure and broad opportunities for professional growth. It is a great honour for RTK Soft Labs as a Special Economic Zone resident to wish Innopolis many happy returns. We operate as the Development and Monetization Centre for Rostelecom Group’s information and communication services, and we are happy to be involved in the establishment of Innopolis as Russia’s IT capital. On behalf of RTK Soft Labs I wish prosperity to our hi-tech city,’ said Daniyar Sadykov, Director for Corporate Services of the RTLabs Group. RTK Soft Labs, an Innopolis Special Economic Zone resident, is a member of the RTLabs Group.