RT Labs gets in Cnews Top 50 Largest IT Solutions Providers for the Public Sector 2016

18 October

Company revenues in 2015 against 2014

RT Labs’ revenues from IT solutions for the public sector (RUB1,573.7 million) is up 76.3% in 2015 compared to 2014, with Rostelecom as the largest customer. 

Analysts have noted that the aggregate 2015 revenues for all companies in the rating table has risen by 22.2%, against a 10-12% drop in Government’s spending on IT, caused by the crisis. Among other factors putting pressure on spending was absence of drivers for IT expenditure growth as the import substitution programme has just been initiated and the first draft bill to support domestic software developers took effect as late as 1 January 2016. Experts have offered differing estimates for 2016, from minor decrease in growth (3-5%) to growth back to the levels of 2013-2014.

Contributors to IT market growth included projects related to national security and financial / fiscal sector development. 

Earlier, RT Labs was placed in the Top 50 of TAdviser Profit rating (The Most Profitable Russian IT Companies).