RT Labs participates in the TAdviser SummIT

31 May

RT Labs took part in the TAdviser SummIT 2016 on 31 May

This representative event discussed IT development, informatization of business and government agencies, establishment of up-to-date services and the impact of political and economic factors on IT.

Alisa Korzhenevskaya, Director for E-Government Information Systems Development, RT Labs, made a presentation on E-Government: Challenges and the Key Trends on digital interaction between the government and business.

Alisa believes that in today’s environment business prefers to interact with partners and counterparties in an online mode, for which e-identification and e-notarization are imperative. Among the key factors that could help to cut costs for businesses are computerization of controlling and supervisory functions and the use of government data in customer services.

Given that the government is the provider of data for business, government agencies are in a position to define country-wide standards for data exchange powered by free and domestically developed software, which will stimulate the market and open up additional opportunities for public / private partnership and commercialization, Ms Korzhenevskaya stressed.

TAdviser SummIT 2016 participants included the Russian Telecom Ministry, the Federal Treasury, IT departments from the Russian Railways and the Federal Bailiffs Service, the Government of the Moscow Region, the Federal Agency for Inter-Ethnic Relations, the Federal Customs Service and commercial organizations.