RT Labs discusses the System Project for the Development of E-Government in Russia

2 March

Moscow, 2 March 2016

IT Government DAY 2016, a conference organized with the participation of the Russian Telecom Ministry, was held on 2 March at the Mercure Moscow Paveletskaya Hotel. The key topics for the attending customers and service providers were new opportunities for IT systems development and the outlook for having e-government in place by 2020.

The conference was opened by Alexei Kozyrev, Deputy Minister for Telecom, and was attended by Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director, RT Labs, and Director for E-Government, Rostelecom.

A broad discussion of the document drafted by the Telecom Ministry is expected to invite feedback from the stakeholders of the e-government development process, with due regard to the opinions of professionals and the general public. A new version of the document will be brought before the government committee for IT chaired by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

‘The purpose of the project is to raise efficiency and performance quality at all levels of federal and municipal management. This is a project that will shape government policy and action plan in the mid-term,’ said Mr Kozyrev.

The participants who discussed the first version of the E-Government 2020 project included Yevgeny Komar, Deputy Director for IT and Telecom of the Russian Government; Anna Katamadze, Deputy Head of the Federal Treasury; Nadezhda Prasolova, Deputy Head of Risk and Prospective Financial Availability Technologies, Bank of Russia; Nikolai Yelistratov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Russian Pension Fund; Boris Glazkov, Director of the Strategic Innovation Centre, Rostelecom; as well as informatization and telecom development managers from federal and regional government agencies. 

Summing up the outcome of the public debate, Mr Bondarenko said, ‘It must be emphasized that the objective of building the basic e-government infrastructure has been achieved. However, the current environment calls for new content. The growing expectations of federal and municipal service users, the need to use SMEV to establish links to multiple agencies’ databases, the involvement of the civil society and business in management processes require that we take E-Government to a new stage of development as quickly as we can.’

Under Russian Government Decree No.1475-r dated 15 October 2009, Rostelecom is the sole contractor for the operation of e-government infrastructure and the sole national operator thereof. RT Labs is the main service provider for the operation and development of e-government infrastructure for Rostelecom.