RT Labs takes part in an international congress on IT in medicine

14 October

RT Labs as an international congress exhibitor on IT in medicine

The congress was held in Moscow on 13-14 October 2016, being a major sectoral event of the year organized with the support from the Health Ministry, Education and Science Ministry, Telecom Ministry and other federal agencies and specialized associations.

RT Labs presented Central Medical Images Archive (CAMI) – Teleradiology, their services for regional healthcare informatization. The solution’s infrastructure helps to create an information network for the region for further integration with the Unified State Health Information System (EGISZ). CAMI– Teleradiology opens up access by individuals to professional services, including those living in remote areas of this country, 24/7 operation of the equipment (irrespective of the time zone) and broadens the range of services and their number.

CAMI – Teleradiology received high praises from Russian Healthcare Minister Veronica Skvortsova and in 2015 became the winner in the nomination Best Telemedical Project of the contest Top 10 IT Project in Education and Healthcare of the Russian Telecom Ministry.

‘An economic case for telemedicine, of which teleradiology is part, hardly needs to be made. According to federal telemedical centres, in 40% of cases transportation by sanitary aviation is no longer necessary after a remote consultation with a doctor. In 10–15% of cases, a doctor may arrive 12 hours or more later. On the other hand, telemedical system implementation and operation costs are twice as low as transportation or onsite visits by doctors’, said Oleg Hilov, Director of the Kazan Branch of RT Labs.

The congress events were attended by over 1,100 professionals from 5 countries and 81 Russian regions, representing agencies that report to 16 ministries and departments. Participants heard 82 reports in 2 plenary and 9 section meetings. The conference hosted a Pan-Russian Meeting of Heads of Medical Statistics Departments, two partner conferences and two round tables. Exhibitors at the congress included all major developers of information systems for the healthcare sector (over 40).