RT Labs takes part in an international IT forum for BRICS and SCO countries

9 June

Khanty-Mansiysk, 8-9 June 2016

RT Labs and Rostelecom took part in the 8th International IT Forum for BRICS and SCO countries, “A digital region: a construction kit for new opportunities for the citizens”, held in Khanty-Mansiysk on 8-9 June.

One of the key events of the Forum was E-Government: new challenges and objectives, a panel discussion attended by Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for E-Government, Rostelecom.

When asked what could help the information community in its smooth development, Mikhail said it was imperative for Russian federal entities to have in place project offices for managing the buildup of the regional e-service infrastructure and, of course, to campaign for e-services. ‘New investment models have to be designed to cover the budget deficit and to rise to a new level of communication between the government and business to achieve target efficiency ratios,’ said he.

Mikhail Bondarenko also spoke at the opening of the exhibition IT for Everyone timed to the Forum dates. He stressed that innovation was a priority for Rostelecom and that was the reason why Rostelecom traditionally supported projects on that scale on the highest level.

The 8th International IT Forum hosted a professional dialogue on Import Substitution and Prospects of Exporting Russian IT Solutions. RT Labs took part in the strategic session with a report on Import Substitution in the Infrastructure of E-Government. S.Sirazhev, Director of the Yekaterinburg Branch of RT Labs, said that Rostelecom, acting in partnership with the Russian Telecom Ministry under Decree No.1236, was engaged on a permanent basis with monitoring and testing domestically manufactured facilities (including software and infrastructure) that could be used in e-government infrastructure.

At Rostelecom’s stand, RT Labs discussed the key trends of E-Government development, the benefits of changing over to a new system for inter-agency e-communication and the development outlook for the Public Services Portal, Company experts say that inter-agency e-communication between Russian government agencies is already in design. In this totally new format of data exchange, one region, for example, will be able to verify if a marriage was registered in any other region. Portal functionality will have been dramatically upgraded by the end of 2016 to enhance customer experience. As an example, new section Life Situations will offer integrated services, and a section will be launched for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

The Forum’s business section and exhibition was visited by 2,500 people in two days. The Forum (where nine contracts were signed) held 21 events with 72 speakers delivering 173 reports.