RT Labs attends a conference on Legally Meaningful Document Interchange 2017

14 February

The Best m-Government Service Award contest organized at the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE

Legally Meaningful Document Interchange2017 was a conference that discussed the most relevant organizational, legal and IT related issues in the implementation of a legally meaningful e-document interchange (EDI) and solutions for fiscal data transmission.
Alexei Ponomarev, Head of Project at Rostelecom’s E-Government Department, made a presentation on the Roaming Centre for E-Document Interchange (RC EDI).
Established in 2016, Rostelecom’s Roaming Centre for E-Document Interchange was designed and developed with aview to   methodological and technological recommendations from ROSEU(the Association of Developers and Operators of E-Service Systems).
RC EDI was launched under the regulations on electronic VAT invoice interchange (e-invoicing) (Order No.50n of the RF Ministry of Finance of 25 April 2011 “On the Approval of the Procedure for Interchanging Electronically Signed VAT Invoices Over Telecommunication Channels” (expired on 01 April 2016); and Order No.174n of the RF Ministry of Finance of 10 November 2015 “On the Approval of the Procedure for Interchanging VAT Invoices with Enhanced Encrypted and Certified Electronic Signatures Over Telecommunication Channels ” (in effect since  01 April 2016).
‘The key functions of Rostelecom’s Roaming Centre include interchange of e-documents via pre-configured routes, generation of receipts at each stage of the route, participant status verification services, data storage and information support for dispute resolution. RC EDI is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements for reliability and resilience, which is attested by a GOST R certificate,’ said Alexei Ponomarev.
The conference was attended by experts in corporate governance and finance, IT solution providers, representatives of government organizations and commercial entities interested in EDI and fiscal data transmission.
Rostelecom is the service provider for the Roaming Centre for EDI while RT Labs is responsible for technological support and service development.