RT Labs attends MedSoft 2016

24 March

Moscow, 22-24 March 2016

The 12th International Forum MedSoft-2016, an annual pan-Russian exhibition and conference on informatization in healthcare, was held in Moscow on 22-24 March.

Medical information systems comprising multiple modules help to deliver synchronized solutions for diagnostic, therapeutic, management, financial, statistical and other problems. They also help in offering high-quality medical services, which is the ultimate goal of any healthcare centre.

This year was the first time when RT Labs, a Rostelecom subsidiary, attended this event as an exhibitor. The Company had meetings with the Russian Ministry of Health, the Medical Centre for Information and Analysis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, healthcare centres, medical organizations, associations, developers of medical information systems and other service providers working with the healthcare sector.

RT Labs is involved with regional IT projects in healthcare for private and public sector customers. Company’s solutions help to deliver comprehensive informatization of the regional healthcare system and to offer core services, including e-services from the regional segment of EGISZ (the Unified State Health Information System). Medical information systems based on cloud service O7.Medicine have been implemented in 18 federal entities.

The purpose of RT Labs’ participation was to re-activate a dialogue with the professional community on implementation and operation of regional medical information systems.

The Company is expected to grow its medical information systems competence and be further involved in the development, implementation and maintenance of medical systems in line with its strategy.