RTLabs takes part in the Fifth Pan-Russian Conference Digital Future Outlook

13 October

… organising round tables on digital government and telemedicine

The Annual Pan-Russian Conference Digital Future Outlook was held In Sochi, organised, as previously, by the Federation Council Commission for Information Society and by Rostelecom. RTLabs organized and participated in round tables on Digital Government and Digital Healthcare.
The event was attended by more than 500 representatives from the IT sector, federal and municipal agencies implementing digital services across Russia, equipment and software vendors and experts from a whole range of sectors where digital solutions are used extensively, such as manufacturing, medicine, education and social sphere. Andrey Lipov, Head of Presidential Administration for IT and E-Democracy; Ilya Massuh, Head of the Information Democracy Foundation and Mikhail Oseyevsky, President of Rostelecom, took part in the conference.
A joint session of the Federation Council Provisional Commission for Information Society and the Information Infrastructure Competence Centre (Russian Federation Digital Economy Programme) was held on the opening day of the conference, moderated by Lyudmilla Bokova, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Constitutional Legislation and Statecraft; Alexander Shepilov, Secretary of the Federation Council Commission for Information Society; and Boris Glazkov, Vice-President of Rostelecom and Head of the Information Infrastructure Competence Centre (Russian Federation Digital Economy Programme).
The round table on Digital Government organized by RTLabs was aimed to discuss transition from an electronic government to a digital one, a strategy for information society, a single brand for public services as a tool to enhance public confidence in public service channels and popularise public services as such. Dmitry Fink, Head of RTLabs Regional Projects Board, made a presentation on Information Society Development Strategy 2017-30, and Alexey Fomenko, Head of Sales at RTLabs, shared his views on the prospects and ways of Digital Government development.
On the second day participants discussed legislative regulation of types and approaches in Russia’s telemedicine, the development of telemedicine systems and the application of artificial intelligence and big data in healthcare. Round table Digital Medicine was moderated by Yelena Boiko, Director of IT and Telecom of the Russian Healthcare Ministry. Presentations were made by Microsoft Rus, GFK-Rus, Speech Technology Center and Bars Group. Oleg Hilov, Deputy Head of the Healthcare Systems Informatization Board at RTLabs, made a presentation on the company’s flagship product CAMI.Teleradiology that helps computerise the operations of radiological and diagnostic departments at medical institutions. A demo of how the information system operates was shown at a special stand in the demonstration room. Strengths and benefits of CAMI.Teleradiology were presented to Mikhail Oseyevsky, President of Rostelecom; Ilya Massuh, Head of the Information Democracy Foundation and to the representatives of regional healthcare ministries and medical information / analysis centres.
‘Putting in place a digital infrastructure is an essential first step towards a digital economy in Russia. This conference is a unique platform where market players, equipment vendors and government officials can discuss every aspect of development of digital technologies on the federal or regional level. We need to form a shared view on the development of digital economy and the implementation of its specific components in different fields, such as medicine, education or industry. Rostelecom as an infrastructure operator has an important role to play in discussing every aspect of digital economy development in Russia,’ said Mikhail Oseyevsky, President of Rostelecom.