RT Labs grows to become a major IT support service provider in 2016

22 December

Cnews rates RT Labs no.14 (Largest IT Support Service Providers in Russia)

Cnews has rated RT Labs, a Rostelecom subsidiary, Russia’s 14th largest IT support service provider in 2016. RT Labs revenue from SLAs in 2015 exceeded RUB1.2 billion (growing 82% YoY).

The Company’s key customers in servicing projects are Rostelecom, Russian Telecom Ministry and regional executive agencies. 

According to the rating data, the aggregate servicing revenue in Russia has risen by more than 40% to reach RUB84.1 billion. Just as last year, the majority of companies in the IT support rating table made their contracts with government agencies. 

In 2016, RT Labs was in the Top 50 of TAdviser Profit (The Most Profitable Russian IT Companies) and in the Top 50 of Cnews (Largest IT Solutions Providers for the Public Sector 2016).