RT Labs tells RIF+KIB about e-government

15 April

Region of Moscow, 13-15 April 2016

Between 13-15 April, Lesnye Dali Resort in the Region of Moscow hosted RIF+KIB 2016, one of the central events for the Russian Internet community. It was the first time for RT Labs, the lead system integrator of the Rostelecom group of companies, to attend the Forum as a speaker.

In section Digital Cases: Government Projects, Alisa Korzhenevskaya, Director for E-Government Information Systems Development, RT Labs, made a report on Beta.EGPU – Future Today.

Alisa discussed the key features of the new version of the public services portal, The portal now has a predictive search function and a user-friendly engine to search for public services in the directory or by agencies. The Help and Support section is now live, offering answers to FAQ, such as how to find and pay a traffic penalty, register a child for a kindergarten, make an appointment with a doctor, prevent taxes or legal fees from becoming overdue, check the amount of one’s pension savings, etc. The number of users registered on the portal is now around 26 million.

Payment options at Beta.EPGU have also developed. Utilities bills, traffic penalties and duties, taxes and legal fees can now be paid not only from a bank card, a mobile phone account, QIWI or WebMoney, but also from Yandex.Money. As Alisa said, in 2015 users made around 2.5 million successful payments worth over RUB 5.7 billion.

The Public Services apps continue to develop and are accessible on all popular mobile platforms. The number of app users in 2015 rose above 600,000, whereas the mobile version of the portal was used to request around 5,900,000 services over the same period.

The portal is growing within a framework of a single project office managed by the Russian Telecom Ministry, Rostelecom and RT Labs.

‘These changes have largely been driven by synergy with our key customer, the Telecom Ministry. We have been in close contact with them throughout all stages and are addressing any issues together,’ she added. 

The Digital Cases: Government Projects section has also offered a presentation of Sputnik, a search portal for the Region of Moscow Government, and a presentation by Artyom Geller on the design of public systems.

RIF+KIB 2016 has grown into one of the most widely attended spring RuNet events in its entire history. The number of people who got involved in it over the three days exceeded 8,000. The forum had 600 speakers, hosting over 100 round tables and masterclasses. The event was supported by the Russian Telecom Ministry, the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications, the Federal Service for Supervision in Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, the Internet Development Institute, the Regional Not-for-profit Centre for Internet Technologies and the Coordination Centre for TLD RU.