RT Labs teaches career growth to students

13 March

Voronezh, 12-13 March 2016

The 3rd annual Breakpoint Forum, organized by international community AIESEC, was held on 12-13 March in Voronezh. Breakpoint is a public platform helping engineering students and recent graduates to communicate with business leaders, government, education and non-commercial agencies. RT Labs was the Key Partner of the event.

RT Labs representatives acted as headliners in multiple sections and events of the Forum. In section Speak Big, Alexander Kulinich, Director for Applied and Integration Solution, made a charismatic presentation of the RT Labs strategy and shared some secrets for a successful career. Alesya Plevko from Products and Solutions Operation and Nina Yartseva from HR conducted Beta Test, an interactive training session to develop teamwork, collective decision-making and leadership skills. In the Career Lab block, workshop DevOps, Alexander Fedorov, Lead Expert from Integration Solutions Operation, explained in plain terms what a beginner programmer had to know and shared his views on the future of IT.

‘Students at the Vacancies Fair have shown a great interest in our Company. Events of that kind and the ongoing communication with education establishments help to open up new opportunities to hire high-potential young talents for RT Labs,’ said Vladimir Lavyrev, Director of the Regional Branch in Voronezh.

Social responsibility, including support for young talents, is an integral part of RT Labs’ corporate programme. Our development policy establishes a clear link between Company’s and community’s strategic objectives.