RT Labs presents a new website

1 February

We are happy to announce that we have launched a new official website,

The new website has a fresh, modern design, a new content and navigation.

With the website’s trendy flat design, information about the Company and its Products can be easily and quickly grasped. It looks like a presentation, with a special focus on first-class typographics and layout.

The Team section shows what each our division does. It is a mini organization chart that helps to pinpoint the area of responsibility of each and every functional manager. The Projects section features a description of Products and Services for government entities and corporate customers. Social Responsibility, a new section, tells about our public initiatives and volunteer activities.

The Expertise section is a blog written from the first person perspective, where we share our expertise in the Company projects. We have changed the Branches section, visualizing the list of our regional offices as blocks, taking you directly to the profile of each branch.

Disclosures is a new section offering our stakeholders a view of what we do and what our legal status is. The Procurement section contains the Regulation and RT Lab’s current product and service procurement plan. Vacancies, another new section, shows a list of vacancies with the locations where new people are needed. For more detailed descriptions of our open vacancies please go to our personal page on HeadHunter. 

‘As we developed the design and information architecture for our new website, we had to analyse our target audience and take into consideration the business objectives this new resource had to support. Our website is a reflection of our Company values, an illustration of its strategic mission. It has mobile and tablet versions’ (Tatiana Kravchuk, Director, User Interface Designing). 

Our new website design and architecture has been developed by RT Lab’s User Interface Designing, a department directly engaged in the development of the Unified Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation and its mobile apps.