RT Labs presents its E-Future View in Sochi

21 October

Annual pan-Russian conference E-Future View

On 20-21 October 2016, Sochi hosted an annual pan-Russian E-Future View conference, traditionally organized by the Federation Council Commission for Information Society and by Rostelecom. RT Labs was involved as an organizer of a round table on E-Government.

The conference was attended by over 400 professionals in digital services for the government, economy and society, including federal and regional authorities, municipalities, research, educational organizations and IT companies.

The plenary meeting of the conference was addressed by Lyudmila Bokova, Chairperson of the Council of Federation Committee on the development of the information society, Sergei Kalugin, President of Rostelecom, and Ruslan Gattarov, Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region.

The agenda for the round table, developed by RT Labs, focused on the current status and outlook of e-government, the key objectives in pension insurance computerization and the quality of government and municipal services.

Speakers at the round table included Alisa Korzhenevskaya, Director for E-Government Information Systems Development; Alexei Fomenko, Director for Regional Business Development of RT Labs; and Alexander Pavlovich, Deputy Director for E-Government Development Department of the Russian Telecom Ministry. Oya Gritskova, Deputy Head for Information Technologies of the Federal Tax Service, made a presentation on Russian Federal Tax E-Services. Pavel Malkov, Deputy Director for Economy Regulation, the Russian Economic Development Ministry, shared his vision of the future of an information analysis system for Public Services Quality Monitoring.

At the demo zone of the E-Future View conference, RT Labs presented Central Medical Images Archive (CAMI) – Teleradiology, their services for regional healthcare informatization. The solution’s infrastructure helps to create an information network in the region for further integration with EGISZ. CAMI – Teleradiology received high praises from Russian Healthcare Minister Veronica Skvortsova and in 2015 became the winter in the nomination Best Telemedical Project of the contest Top 10 IT Projects in Education and Healthcare of the Russian Telecom Ministry.

RT Labs delegates took part in a charity race organized in coordination with the Life Line Fund.