RT Labs offers solutions for telehealth in Altai

3 November

The 3rd Research Conference on Siberia’s Healthcare Informatisation

RT Labs took part in the 3rd Research Conference on Siberia’s Healthcare Informatization, an event organized by the Republic’s Health Ministry and by Rostelecom in the Republic of Altai, on 1-3 November. 

The conference, attended by 50 delegates, discussed practical issues and prospects of using IT in the regional healthcare system, following the Russian Health Ministry Road Map for 2015-2018.

According to Sergei Kovalenko, Deputy Health Minister of the Republic of Altai, Altai continues its efforts to implement information systems for medical transport control, a GLONASS subsystem, a system for subsidized medicine distribution, a lab information system, an e-telemedical service and other programmes.

Albert Strebel, Deputy Director, Altai Branch of Rostelecom, discussed advanced technologies in voice recognition, a dialogue service for making doctor appointments, introduced in Altai hospitals in 2015.

RT Labs made presentations on the operation and development of RMIS (Regional Medical Information System) cloud e-services and the Central Medical Images Archive (CAMI) – Teleradiology, a solution that brings medical diagnostic equipment together in one information space where business processes are routed and controlled. The project’s geography covers medical organisations in Tatarstan, Saha, Chuvashia and other places, including the Regions of Murmansk and Tambov. CAMI – Teleradiology received high praises from Russian Healthcare Minister Veronica Skvortsova and was the winner in the nomination Best Telemedical Project of the contest Top 10 IT Project in Education and Healthcare of the Russian Telecom Ministry. 

Tatiana Skvortsova, Medicine Projects Director, RT Labs, says that CAMI – Teleradiology, with its efficient remote diagnostics facilities, helps to deliver on Russian Health Ministry’s Road Map and to establish an information network for the region for further integration with the Unified State Health Information System (EGISZ).

Speaking about RMIS operation, Victor Tarassov, Head of Projects at RT Labs, explained that medical institutions in Altai had e-appointments in place and were planning to launch additional modules, such as Vaccination, Health Assessment, Critically Ill Patient Monitoring and Medically Covered Individuals in the near future.

The conference was followed by a round table to discuss the key trends in healthcare informatization and outline further joint steps as to deliver on the Russian Health Ministry’s Road Map.