RT Labs calls to integrate regional public services with EPGU

6 April

ICT in the Public Sector 2017, a conference organized by CNews Conferences

A conference on Information and Communication Technologies in the Public Sector 2017, organized by CNews Conferences, was held in Moscow on 6 April to discuss import substitution and information security in the public sector, ICT trends, regional projects financing and legislative initiatives for IT sector regulation.

Alexei Fomenko, Director for Regional Development at RT Labs, presented a project titled EPGU MultiRegionality, initiated by the Russian Telecom Ministry (Protocol No 476 of the Ministry Sub-Commission for Public Services Computerization, dated 16 November 2016).

MultiRegionality includes integration of regional public services portals (RPGU) into the interface of the Unified Portal, helping federal subjects to use it for hosting their regional and municipal services and to promote the most essential services with the use of EGPU tools.  In addition, integration enables a centralized functionality update under the existing regulations, with federal budget financing and an opportunity to save on design, implementation and maintenance of interactive service request forms.

Users are given one point of access to federal, regional and municipal services and to a wide range of services and functions such as user’s Personal Cabinet, a directory of services, payment and notification services, waiting lists, service quality evaluations, mobile access, extended assistance, etc.

RT Labs believes that any region can be moved to the Unified Portal in three months. To launch the project, a region has to enter into an agreement for using the EPGU federal public information system.

Further stages include a pre-project analysis to identify the top 12 socially essential services for a particular region, signing the contract for works, switching RPGU interfaces to the Unified Portal, developing, processing and rolling out the selected services.

‘EPGU MultiRegionality is the best balanced integrated solution for a variety of technological, organizational and financial issues related to maintaining and developing the regional segment of E-Government. On top of that, integration with the Unified Portal is exactly what Presidential Instruction No 1455 is about, of which sections 1 and 2 require that public agencies use the unified e-government infrastructure (EIEP) par excellence and rule out any duplication of costs related to e-services rendered by executive agencies and local governments,’ said Alexei Fomenko.