RT Labs celebrates Company Day

1 April

Our 13th birthday today

On 1 April 2016 RT Labs celebrated its Company Day. The festive event attended by around 200 staff members was held in our new office at ComCity Business Centre.

Since 2003, the Company’s focus has been on telecom and other services for government companies and organizations under federal and local telecom development programmes in the public sector. Other customers of the Company include telecom operators and commercial entities.

Later, under Federal Programme E-Russia (2002-10) for the Central Federal District, Rostelecom authorised the Company to act as their agent in data collection and processing and in the implementation of the E-Government project.

In 2015 we underwent structural change which marked the starting point of a new stage of development and business transformation. RT Labs was accredited with the Telecom Ministry as an organization operating in the IT sector.

Today RT Labs, as Rostelecom’s key contractor, operates e-government infrastructure, develops and implements regional industry-wide services in healthcare, transport, utilities and education.

We also launch Competence Centres which helps us to build project expertise, deploy new and maintain existing projects, create innovative and transform existing information systems on both user and agency levels. To streamline our business and foster independent development of our branches, we have created the positions of Director for Regional Development and Branch Directors.

In 2015 the Company launched branches in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Kazan and gave fresh momentum to its Competence Centres in Yaroslavl and Voronezh.

The Yaroslavl branch supports Rostelecom projects for the development of regional public services portals and maintains and operates federal and regional public services portals and tests the infrastructure of E-Government.

The Competence Centre in Voronezh develops and supports the E-Government project and the regional public services portal, implements and maintains programmes for integrated informatization of healthcare systems.

The team in Samara, jointly with Rostelecom and the Telecom Ministry, develops and maintains mobile applications of the Public Services Portal.

The Competence Centre in Kazan works with integrated regional IT projects in medicine for private and public sector customers on the basis of the Regional Information System for Healthcare, the title to which is held by Rostelecom.

Branches in Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk develop regional public services portals, implement and maintain regional medical information systems, implement Safe City projects and computerized photo and video traffic offence control systems.

Regional development is one of our strategic businesses. RT Labs continues to grow its presence at the geographies of Rostelecom’s macro-regional offices.

RT Labs has in place a matrix management system and an innovative mechanism for personnel assessment by competences. Candidates for senior positions are selected by an open contest from staff members in the Company HR reserve. We have in place programmes for performance motivation and for professional and management training. In the first quarter of 2016 we had more than 500 employees.

In March, RT Labs divisions in Moscow, previously scattered across the city, moved to ComCity Business Centre. Now our numerous departments and functions are concentrated within one working space which opens broad opportunities for harmonious communication, facilitates exchange of ideas and helps to raise productivity, arrive at unconventional decisions and develop corporate culture.

RT Labs has been increasingly involved in multiple social projects, helping colleges, institutes and veterans organizations.

‘Our Company is rapidly developing and improving its key performance indicators. On the basis of our expertise in the development and operation of e-government infrastructure, we have designed a strategy to establish essential competences for Rostelecom. We have produced a road map for our processes and, as the key technology partner of our shareholder Rostelecom, we continue progress towards our key goal, which lies in is building a broader portfolio of products and projects,’ said Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director, RT Labs.