RTLabs honours the millionth e-citizen in Novosibirsk

27 July

Multifunction Centre Zyryanovsky hosts the awarding ceremony

Valeria Savich, a visitor to Multifunction Centre Zyryanovsky in Siberia’s capital Novosibirsk, was officially registered as the millionth e-citizen on 27 July 2017 and was honoured on this occasion by regional government officials, Rostelecom and RTLabs.
The Region of Novosibirsk has been amongst the leaders in regional service migration to the Unified Public Services Portal as part of the MultiRegionality project.
During the first half of 2017, residents of the region filed 210,000 applications for public e-services, including such most sought-for services as enquiries on the status of personal pension fund accounts (40,457 applications), registration of a motorcar (9,790), marriage registration (1,544), driving licences (13,728) and Kindergarten Enrolment, a service for applicants’ children (70,445).
‘Rostelecom has been actively involved with the establishment of e-government in the region. Since we launched the migration project we have moved about 300 regional and municipal services to EPGU, enhancing customer service and convenience and improving the structure and functionality of the portal. Our region has traditionally been at the top of e-government implementation ratings,’ said Anatoly Dyubanov, Head of Department for Informatization and Telecom of the Region of Novosibirsk.
Rostelecom, its subsidiary RTLabs and regional executive authorities are implementing MultiRegionality, a pilot project launched by the Russian Telecom Ministry. The pilot project helps avoid resource duplication and allows regions to spend less on maintaining regional and federal services by using a federal resource. For this purpose, content is migrated to an updated EPGU interface. MultiRegionality covers 17 federal entities.
‘To create a single platform for public services, we are using the most advanced practices of the federal e-government infrastructure. Migration to the Unified Public Services Portal opens access to a more user-friendly interface and helps reach more users. We continue our focus on streamlining the process of public service and on expanding the range of services and functions,’ said Ivan Burdonov, Director of RTLabs branch in Novosibirsk.
‘Rostelecom is the engine of this project. We are in charge of a wide gamut of issues, from software development to ensuring that all parties involved are able to network. We are looking to unify regional portals and put in place the so-called "single entry point." We will continue work to optimize the portal and improve customer service. We want to make our service user-friendly so that using a public service portal is a pleasant experience for everyone,’ said Vice President Nikolay Zenin.