RTLabs to provide voice biometric solution for Sberbank

6 July

The system is designed to optimize the authentication of customers and bank employees

RTLabs, the leading system integrator of the Rostelecom Group, won the open tender of PJSC Sberbank to become the provider of voice biometrics software to be implemented in the bank. The system developed by RTLabs is designed to optimize the authentication of customers and employees of PJSC Sberbank in the Sberbank Unified Distributed Contact Center.
The voice biometrics solution is to be implemented as an additional method for customer data authenticity verification. It will optimize the labor costs and IVR self-service processes, improve the quality of call processing at the contact center and the level of customer satisfaction with the telephone service owing to the reduced volume of data to be provided. The solution will also strengthen the security and minimize the risks of fraud.
The system will feature voice recognition technology developed by the STC (Speech Technology Center) Group. Unlike traditional ways to improve security, the solution does not use passwords, keywords or codes to verify the user identity. The technology significantly reduces the risks of unauthorized access to financial data. The algorithms reliability is confirmed by the STC Group’s victories in international contests organized by NIST and other international institutions.
"The solution is based on the DNN technology and can help ensure not only high accuracy, but also resistance to voice and environmental changes. The solution also includes a detector of “hacking” attempts based on the speech patterns imitation. The introduction of this technology is part of a long way towards the development of a natural and safe human-computer interface,” says Dmitry Dyrmovsky, STC Group CEO.
RTLabs, a Rostelecom subsidiary, operating as the competence center for the development and support of high-load IT systems of the E-Government and the National Biometric Platform, successfully passed technological tests organized by PJSC Sberbank to qualify suppliers of biometric solutions. The company has the expertise and resources necessary to create biometric solutions. We are ready to apply our expertise to develop a voice identification and authentication system for Sberbank customers - an innovative and key solution that would open new technological opportunities and engineering horizons for the industry as a whole, - said Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director of RTLabs.
“The RTLabs team, responsible for the development of biometric technologies, showed a high level of professionalism in the development of innovative methods of remote identification based on biometric technologies. It allowed us to win an open tender of Sberbank," said Ivan Berov, Programme Director at Strategic Innovations Center, PJSC Rostelecom.