RT Labs launches a regional branch in Kazan

16 December

In attendance: Roman Shaihutdinov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan

RT Labs, a Rostelecom subsidiary and a key system integrator in the public sector, has announced the launch of a regional branch in Kazan. The press conference following the event was attended by Roman Shaihutdinov, Tatarstan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Informatization and Telecom; and Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director, RT Labs.

Launching an office in Tatarstan’s capital is in line with the Company’s strategy of building regional presence at the geographies of Rostelecom’s macro-regional branches as well as developing, implementing and maintaining regional medical systems on the basis of cloud service О7.Medicine in place in 18 federal entities. 



О7.Medicine service, designed for medical staff, patients and healthcare officials, gives any medical institution access to the E-Appointment Desk system, medical e-records and the e-document interchange system.

A regional branch has to put in place a full product cycle, starting from the analysis, collection and formalization of requirements and ending with the availability of a ready-to-use service. To implement the project, the Company uses all product competences it has and, given the ambitions and scale of the objective, may hire additional programmers, business or system analysts.

‘The recent global developments have shown how important it is for any major country to be able to create efficient and independent software products. Having in place advanced software solutions is central to any country’s information security and gives peace of mind to its people. RT Labs has already made a great contribution to IT development in Russia and is one of the leaders in its sector. Opening an office in Tatarstan is yet another step for our Republic towards IT development; it means more jobs for skilled workforce and for the most promising graduates,’ said Mr Shaihutdinov.

‘There must be a special meaning to the fact that as a key contractor for e-government infrastructure we now have a presence at the place where our Telecom Minister was born. Kazan will be the focus of competence for regional programmes development, and not only in medicine, but in education and transport as well. Next year the Company intends to launch new branches so that it has a presence at all the geographies of Rostelecom’s macro-regional branches,’ said Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director, RT Labs.