RTLabs launches Multi-Pay on the Unified Public Services Portal

21 December

Multiple tax bills can now be paid at a stroke by bank card

The Unified Public Services Portal now offers a new Multi-Pay functionality to pay multiple tax bills in one payment instead of having to pay them one after another. The new service has been developed and implemented by RTLabs on commission from Rostelecom, the sole contractor for the development of the Electronic Government Infrastructure under Government Decree No 812-r dated 28 April 2017.
To use the service, the user has to log on to the Portal, select tax debt informer on the main page and select the bills they wish to pay in the checkbox.
Next, the user will enter the details of their bank card or select a card previously saved in their Member Area. The payment will be confirmed by a one-time code sent in a text message to the phone number associated with the card if the issuer bank uses this procedure. The payment will be displayed in the new messages section of the Member Area.
If the payment details were entered incorrectly the amount will be returned to the payer’s card account. If a failed payment was part of Multi-Pay, the respective portion will be refunded.
‘This service is in high demand already. By 12 December users had made 190,000 Multi-Pay transactions on EPGU to settle 460,000 bills for a total of 830 million roubles,’ said Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director of RTLabs.
The new function operates so far in a pilot mode for tax bills. In the near future, it will be available for traffic offence penalties, parking offence penalties imposed by regional departments (in the case of Moscow, by the Moscow Administrative Traffic Inspection or the Moscow Parking Administrator) and for penalties adjudicated by courts and processed by the Federal Bailiff Service. In the first quarter of 2018, Multi-Pay will be available in the Public Services mobile app.