RT Labs looks at how it could use Agile in software development

28 March

RT Labs Office, Moscow, 26-27 March 2016

On 26-27 March 2016 RT Labs had a training session on Agile Software Development arranged by Scrum, a company specializing on Agile programmes for the leading IT companies. 

The session aimed at teaching how agile could be used for the efficient development and maintenance of intellectual products in an ever-changing competitive environment. The course programme was based on the tried and tested practices, focussing on the establishment of agile thinking that helps to analyse situations and come up with the solutions tailored to a specific project. 

On the first day the course participants were taught the principles and methods of agile development; on the second, how Agile could be used for large-scale government projects, with case studies involving US and UK companies. 

The training session was attended by the Company’s senior managers, department directors, heads of units and project managers. 

RT Labs’ plan for individual and collective training is driven by the actual business requirements and includes re-training courses, professional conferences, workshops and programmes helping to develop management and business skills in the following areas:

  • IT

  • Negotiations and selling

  • Management

  • Finance, accounting, economics

  • Legal

  • HR

RT Labs works with the best centres for IT training and invites Russian experts on competence development. In addition, it is developing a proprietary in-house training system where competent RT Labs employees act as coaches in technical courses and personal development sessions.