RT Labs launches the first IT marathon in Yaroslavl

12 June

The first regional GETHUB hackathon in Yaroslal was held on 11-12 June 2016

The event was organized by the Government of the Region of Yaroslavl, the Regional Business Incubator and by Danila Gribov, a representative of the Public Chamber of the Yaroslavl Municipal District, in partnership with RT Labs.

The purpose of the hackathon was to identify young professionals in hi-tech who can actively contribute to the region’s IT community.

Six teams took part, including students and graduates from the major education institutions of the city and region of Yaroslavl (the Yaroslavl P.G. Demidov State University, the Yaroslavl K.D.Ushinsky State Technology University, the International Academy of Business and New Technologies, the Yaroslavl Branch of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and the Rybinsk P.A.Soloviev State Aviation Technology University). 

‘A hackathon is a personal challenge to everyone, a way and means to address those who have the knowledge of IT tools and who will be shaping, this way or another, our future economy and society,’ says Eduard Lysenko, Deputy Governor of the Region of Yaroslavl and Director for Informatization and Communications. Businessmen, campaigners, government agencies and volunteering IT experts were involved as co-organizers of the hackathon.

The panel of experts who helped the teams with their IT projects included Yaroslav Nikolaev, Dmitry Kochetov and Dmitry Dneprov from RT Labs. Dmitry Churkin, our project manager from Information Support, was on the jury of the hackathon who had to assess the progress and quality of works.

Specifically for the hackathon, RT Labs experts developed several cases on which the teams spent 36 hours working. Two projects based on our specifications have won two prizes. 

As an example, the team of students and graduates of the Yaroslavl Branch of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics upgraded the case titled ‘A sightseeing tour of the city and region of Yaroslavl,’ coming up with a prototype of website RussianGuide. The ready-to-use product included a member area, in addition to such features as highlighting a map section, browsing and adding sights. 

The team from the Yaroslavl P.G. Demidov State University and the Yaroslavl Automotive College worked on a case called ‘Parking in Yaroslavl’, creating a website prototype and an app, Yarparking, with a user member area.

Also selected were members for Runway, an acceleration programme which included Russian Guide and Yarparking, the projects based on RT Labs’ cases. Creators of the Russian Guide project joined the team of the Region of Yaroslavl that will take part in the pan-Russian contest Russia’s Open Data.

‘The hackathon has demonstrated that prospective IT experts from the city and the region have a great IT potential. We are planning a workshop for hackathon participants so that we can define together the vector of professional growth of these students and support them as they fulfill themselves as professionals,’ says Irina Mezneva, Director, RT Labs Yaroslavl Branch.

Social responsibility, including support for young talents, is an integral part of RT Labs’ corporate programme. The Company’s development policy establishes a clear link between Company’s and community’s objectives.