RTLabs, a partner of RIF+KIB 2019!

19 April

Over 10,000 people took part in the largest RuNet event

RTLabs together with Rostelecom supported the most significant spring event of the Runet - the 23rd Russian Internet Forum (RIF+KIB) 2019, that was held in Moscow Region on April 17-19.
A lounge space was organized in the exhibition area, where anyone could take an IQ test, take a gif photo and learn more about the companies RTLabs and Rostelecom IT. The major activity at the booth was the test “Who are you in the IT world?”, that was prepared together with Habr especially for the event. Answers to questions on the programming course, version control systems, and even about Masyanya allowed to determine the IT status of the participants.
The second day of RIF+KIB was marked by a visit of Sergey Kiriyenko, the first Deputy Head of the Presidential Executive Office of Russia, and Andrey Vorobyov, Moscow Region Governor.
On the third day of the business program within the framework of the SMM section, RTLabs editor Mikhail Chernyshov shared his expertise and life hacks on how to create truly useful content for the 90 million Government Services Portal audience.
“Content should help to answer the users' questions and solve their problems. Our task is to render the texts of legal acts in a friendly and clear format. Сoncern for users of government services should stand behind every message addressed to them", said Mikhail Chernyshov, RTLabs editor.
This year, within the framework of RIF+KIB 2019, RIF Hakaton event was held for the first time. It is a special project, associated with searching and developing new innovative solutions for storing personal data of users and sharing access for them to various Internet services and applications. In the span of 48 hours the participants in the teams developed pilot systems in one of the chosen areas. Mentors and experts from technology companies, leaders of the IT industry, including RTLabs experts, took an active part in the work of the teams.
“We are pleased that Hakaton's tasks included working out solutions for the public sector. RTLabs creates identification and authentication systems on a federal scale, so our help and expertise appeared useful for the participants, the process was interesting and productive, and the ideas and results can be applied in real work,” said Konstantin Rybakov, Head of e-government infrastructure intelligence, RTLabs.