14th anniversary of RT Labs

1 April

The company transformed into a holding entity

Dear Friends,
Last year, April 1, we celebrated our 13th birthday. For each of us this is not just the date of RT Labs foundation, but a milestone in business development and accomplishment of objectives.

Last year saw a lot of remarkable events. The number of interesting projects grew, new practices were developed, our organizational structure was transformed, a series of new branches were opened in the regions, and new skilled specialists joined our Team.
Every achievement, every positive result was underpinned by hard and strenuous work to improve business processes, branches’ activities coordination, and back-office operation. We found weak links and sore points in the organism of our Company, and tried to solve arising problems as quick as possible, though sometimes severely. It is due to that approach that we suited ourselves with competitive advantages, strengthened established positions, and guaranteed a good stepping stone into the future.
The major result of yet another year of the Company evolvement includes not only brilliant financial metrics or a great number of implemented projects, rather the fact that as the Team we continue to advance, we have become even more rock-solid and strong.

Over the year we established 5 new branches in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar. These locations have been selected based on your efforts in regional expansion and identification of the most profitable operations area.

Our branches mainly engage in development, sales, design and customer relations. To ensure maximum efficiency of their operations we shaped together with you a regional power vertical in the business development. The Administrative Department was created to ensure end-to-end support processes, their optimization and automation. The Project Management and Development Control departments were merged into a unified production hierarchy.

We have established RT Regions, a new company in the SME-segment; pretty soon RTK Soft Labs will start its operations in Innopolis as its resident. These moves have already given impulse to the transformation of RT Labs into a holding entity, which will enable business scale-up within Rostelecom Group and will create a technological basis for the new companies affiliation and business expansion.

The professional behavior and dedication of our team responsible for the medical sector proved that the development of healthcare informatization products and respective investments pay off. Today we are confident that our expectations came true: sales grow, products are increasingly in demand by customers.

We have bolstered our positions in the development and operation of e-Government Infrastructure: this year we will consolidate the full scope of functions in front- and back-systems of e-Government Infrastructure.
Our company pays special attention to corporate culture, fostering of team spirit, buildup of trust-based working environment when the opinion of a single person can overcome established archaic obsolete doctrines. During the year we have had a wide range of meetings in Moscow and regions. We arranged corporate events, parties for employees’ children, launched a new web-site and a corporate portal that has already become a chat room for the discussion of matters related to the Company. A very important social initiative such as voluntary support of an orphan asylum in Moscow suburbs was launched. We are also extending more support to gifted students in regions.
Throughout the year we repeatedly received acknowledgements for achieved results from our principal customer – the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, from the Shareholder and regional authorities. Our products – Unified Public Services Portal and “СAMI.Teleradiology” won awards at prestigious events, including international ones. Company achievements in the area of business development were recognized in industry ratings. This year we will have to augment considerably these intangible assets, as they highlight our reputation, status and values.
Together with you we have managed to build up a fantastic team of professionals, enthusiasts, innovators, people with pro-active attitude, capable of non-obvious thinking and effective acting. And the Birthday of the Company can be rightfully considered the Birthday of RT Labs Family, all those who every day create new opportunities for our further growth and prosperity!
Happy Birthday, Dear Friends!
Mikhail Bondarenko
General Director, RT Labs