Rostelecom opens the Roaming Centre for E-Document Interchange Operators

22 June

Rostelecom pilots its Roaming Centre (RC EDI)

The Roaming Centre is an essential infrastructure element of secure and legally meaningful data exchange by accredited e-document interchange (EDI) operators, as was announced at a seminar held for the key EDI operators.  

RC EDI is an open technology platform ensuring at the current stage that customers of EDI operators can exchange tax invoices in a secure mode. The key functions of the platform include e-document mailing along pre-set transport routes; generation of receipts at each stage of the route; member status verification services; storage and disclosure of data in the case of a dispute. 

The Roaming Centre enables EDI operators to participate in inter-operator data exchange, which helps to grow business volumes and cut costs associated with the efforts to integrate with other operators individually. As the system develops, the Roaming Centre will have broader functionality and will be able, among other things, to support the exchange other agency-level documents, including free format ones.

‘E-document interchange establishes transparent communication, helps to cut business costs and expedite operational processes within companies. The Roaming Centre creates a level playing field for the acceding EDI operators, and the initiative as such meets the current business demands,’ says Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for E-Government, Rostelecom.

The system was designed and developed with a view to methodological and technological recommendations from ROSEU (the Association of Developers and Operators of E-Service Systems). OOO Aspect was a methodology partner of the project, and RT Labs was a technology partner.

Interaction between EDI participants connected to the Roaming Centre meets the requirements of Finance Ministry’s Order No.174n dated 10.11.2015 (‘On the Approval of the Procedure for Interchanging VAT Invoices with Enhanced Encrypted and Certified Electronic Signatures Over Telecommunication Channels’), taking effect on 01.04.2016. 

The Roaming Centre will only store transmittal related control information (a receipt), such as ID, operation data and status, IDs of the parties to the exchange, the number of documents in transmission. It will not store any data on legal entities or the contents of document packages.

‘The platform has all the functions it needs for a full cycle of secure e-document interchange. I believe that as we operate it, we will be able to improve it and add other useful services for operators and their customers, working in close contact with EDI operators and regulators,’ says Anna Lazovskaya, Deputy General Director, RT Labs.

Steps to follow to get connected to RC EDI:

- Sign an accession agreement with Rostelecom
- Register in the system (enter EDI operator details in the system)
- Integrate EDI operator’s information systems with those of RC EDI
- Test the connection.

Connecting to the system is free of charge. Throughout all connection and operation stages, RT Labs experts will be providing 24/7 consultancy and technology support to EDI operators. Connection requests can be submitted to Queries will be answered on 8 (800) 100-42-06.