Rostelecom to become National Biometric Platform operator

8 June

RTLabs is the technological partner and design contractor  of the project

Rostelecom will become the operator of the National Biometric Platform (NBP) for the purpose of implementation of the pilot project rolled out by the Russian Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This project will allow banks to carry out biometric identification of individual clients using the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA), the federal system for remote opening of accounts and provision of other banking services.
At present, applicable laws do not allow an individual to open his/her first bank account without a personal visit to the bank office. Once implemented, this project will allow banks to identify customers through ESIA, using biometric personal data, in order to ensure account opening without client’s personal presence.
The technological partner and design contractor of the project is RTLabs, Rostelecom’s subsidiary. With their extensive working experience in the e-government information systems, RTLabs will develop specialized information and technological elements to ensure collection, processing, storage, provision and   compliance of biometric personal data of the NBP, as well as its integration with the e-government infrastructure.
The platform is to be located in the secure cloud infrastructure of Rostelecom and can be accessed by banks through special communication channels of the Inter-Agency Electronic Interaction System (SMEV).
For this purpose the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will form a list of credit institutions to participate in the pilot project.
To implement remote identification using the ESIA and the NBP, bank clients need to visit personally the bank branch just once, in order to go through the procedure of identification, including biometric one. After creating a digital customer profile the clients will be able to remotely open accounts and perform financial transactions in any bank without personal presence.
“Rostelecom has taken another significant step towards building the digital economy of the Russian Federation. That will allow our citizens to receive remote services that haven’t been available so far because of statutory restrictions. It is important to note that the development of digital platforms and services will help people with disabilities and those living in remote areas to receive services on an equal footing with residents of megalopolises,” said Ivan Berov, Programme Director at Strategic Innovations Center, PJSC Rostelecom.
“RTLabs is the center of competence in the development and support of high-load information systems of e-government. The biometric platform under development will supplement it and open new business opportunities, including minimization of the remote transaction fraud risks. In the long term, the platform application area can be expanded to include businesses of other sectors of the economy in addition to credit institutions” said Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director, RTLabs.
During the pilot period, facial images and/or voice patterns will be used as biometric parameters. In the future, the list of biometric parameters can be expanded (to include iris, palm vein or fingerprints) to make the use of BP more convenient in various life situations.