Rostelecom awarded status of trusted EDI operator

6 June

Rostelecom joins the number of trusted operators of electronic document interchange

Rostelecom has announced that it joined the network of trusted operators of electronic tax invoices interchange system of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. The status of trusted electronic document interchange (EDI) operator enables Rostelecom to independently organize within the Group of Companies e-document flow with counterparties and customers, without the involvement accredited EDI operators as third party suppliers.
The development of the infrastructure for E-Document Interchange System (SEDO) began in 2016 by RTLabs, a subsidiary of Rostelecom.
The SEDO infrastructure includes the platform of Roaming Centre for Electronic Document Interchange (RC EDI), a hardware-software suite that enables companies, regardless of size and type of activity, to exchange e-documents with any counterparty connected to any EDI operator.
The application software of the SEDO and EDI servers is deployed on the National Cloud Platform, operated by Rostelecom. An accredited certification center is involved in the work of the service to provide a set of facilities for the creation, issuance, and maintenance of Digital Signature key certificates. Rostelecom’s annual volume of outbound documents related to the performance of contractual obligations to the company's customers (B2B segment) is about 13 million per year, with about 40% of this volume accounting for e-documents transmitted through EDI operators.
Until the end of 2017, electronic document interchange will have been organized through SEDO with all company’s counterparties already using EDI, as well as with Subsidiary and Associated Companies (DZO). Counterparties can connect to the SEDO while retaining the possibility to use the services of other EDI operators with whom contracts were concluded earlier. In this case, the transfer of document packages to Rostelecom will be through the Roaming Centre for Electronic Document Interchange of Rostelecom.
Plans for 2018 envisage popularization of the service and the increase in the share of counterparties working through Rostelecom’s SEDO, primarily, through the inflow of organizations that have not used the legally relevant electronic document interchange yet.
The company's experts predict a 10% annual growth of the number of documents transferred through the trusted Electronic Document Interchange System of Rostelecom. The development of the system involves digitalizing of the process of preparation and conclusion of contracts.
“Our new integrated service will complement the Rostelecom service portfolio and reduce the EDI organization costs of our customers and partners. Its launch will boost the market for EDI services by uniting multiple isolated operators into a single information envorinment," said Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for E-Government, PJSC Rostelecom.