Rostelecom and RTLabs organized issuing of vouchers to summer camps for Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region residents through the Unified Public Services Portal

3 April

9.4 thousand applications have been filed during the first 10 minutes of the service operation

April 1 marked the start of voucher issuing campaign to summer recreational centers in Ekaterinburg and several municipalities of Sverdlovsk region. To date, over 14 ths. applications have been submitted through the Unified Public Service Portal (EPGU) by users who are the residents of the region. In the early hours of April 1, during the first 10 minutes of its operation the service processed about 9.4 thousand applications, while the number of authorized users at that time exceeded 18 ths. The Portal suffered no failures or delays, the service operation was sound.
Prior to the voucher issuing campaign, Rostelecom, the sole national operator of e-Government Infrastructure, and RTLabs, the leading system integrator, completed a range of works to ensure uninterrupted operation of the e-service, including the optimization of the infrastructure of the federal state information system “Unified Public and Municipal Services Portal” ( and enhancement of the application submission e-form. The information about summer camps was forwarded to the Portal from a departmental information system of Ekaterinburg Administration Educational Department.
Before the e-service launch, specialists of the technological unit of Rostelecom and RTLabs conducted a series of functional and load tests. On the eve of April 1, the staff on duty started to additionally monitor the e-service in order to identify and prevent incidents in a timely manner. This ensured high quality of the service amid the skyrocketing popularity of e-services and rapidly growing number of registered users of the Portal in the Middle Urals, and resulted in the anticipated increase in the number of electronic applications for the service provision in 2018.
Over 1.8 million of “electronic citizens” – registered users of the Unified Public Services Portal – live in the Sverdlovsk region now. In this regard, the Middle Urals ranks first among other regions of the Ural Federal District and Perm Territory. Last year, over 9 ths applications for regional summer recreational centers were submitted through the Portal in Ekaterinburg. The peak load came at the first hour of the service operation – 50% of applications were received during this period.