Rostelecom and RTLabs launch an Electronic Document Interchange facility for bidders under Federal Law 223-FZ

7 November

Connection is now available from e-trading platform’s member areas

Rostelecom has launched the Trusted Electronic Document Interchange service for electronic bidding regulated by Federal Law No 223 (On the Procurement of Goods, Works and Services by Specific Types of Legal Entities) on e-trading platforms OTC-tender and SETonline. The service is powered by the Electronic Document National System (EDNS) developed by Rostelecom. RTLabs is the technology partner of the project.
Now bidders can connect to EDNS directly from their member areas on e-trading platforms (ETPs) to promptly exchange e-documents with both the ETP operator and their counterparties. The new service puts in place a legally binding document flow protected by enhanced encrypted and certified electronic signatures. Services for the generation, issuance and maintenance of ES keys are rendered by Rostelecom’s Certification Centre.
In May 2017 Rostelecom joined the network of trusted electronic document interchange operators of the Russian Federal Tax Service. With this new status, Rostelecom became involved in setting up e-document exchange with its subsidiaries and acquired more than 500,000 new customers and counterparties for EDNS.
To organise inter-operator data exchange, in 2016 RTLabs developed the Roaming Center for Electronic Document Interchange (RC EDI) for Rostelecom. This software/hardware suite makes it possible for customers of any of the 40 operators connected to RC EDI to exchange e-documents.
‘The system for electronic document interchange is being successfully used by Rostelecom’s customers and suppliers. It facilitates prompt data exchange and helps bypass expensive correspondence on paper. Launching this project on e-trading platforms is an important step towards the establishment of a single ecosystem for electronic document interchange,’ says Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for E-Government, Rostelecom.
‘The OTC.RU platform is the best e-platform by the number of customers operating under 223-FZ and is the only one to have 28 outlets across Russia. It is absolutely vital for us to maintain and improve customer experience. Having Trusted Electronic Document Interchange on our platform helps unify internal document exchange and optimise counterparty interactions. Documents will be sent out and received directly from the 1S accounting system, helping optimize labour costs for both ETPs and counterparties,’ explains Ivan Moltasov, Head of Regional Development, OTC.RU.
‘Using electronic document exchange helps traders significantly reduce their time input and financial costs. We are pleased to be a technology partner and support this crucial step towards a digital economy,’ says SETonline’s CEO Amal Al-Ama.