RTLabs solutions included into Regional Cases DB of Data Economy ANO

8 October

The DB is aimed at the implementation of digital solutions in the public administration and real economy

The database of regional cases of the Data Economy ANO (a Russian digital economy autonomous non-for-profit organization) was enriched with 20 new solutions designed to raise the efficiency of public administration and business in healthcare, education, social services, transport, public safety, construction and housing&public utilities. The new DB release has incorporated the following RTLabs’ solutions: “Regional Medical Information System” (RMIS) and the “Digital Government of RF Constituent Entity” platform.
The “Digital Government of RF Constituent Entity” platform was developed to improve the efficiency of e-government services at the regional and municipal levels. The platform provides a necessary set of state-of-the-art information and analytical tools. The solution helps to render a full range of services to individuals and businesses: from predictive offering of available services to their automatic implementation based on a real-life situation.
RMIS automates key processes of medical facilities and enables the exchange of information between regional and federal information resources as part of the diagnostic and treatment process. Functional capabilities of the solution are aimed to increase the efficiency of medical personnel, as well as quality and availability of medical services. The rich integration capability of the solution creates conditions for further development of the system and makes it possible to introduce new technologies, including AI-based ones, at no time.
Digital Economy ANO was founded in Autumn 2017. Its primary objective is to ensure interaction between business, expert communities and governmental authorities in the course of implementing the Digital Economy programme. Besides, the organization supports socially significant projects and initiatives in this area.
The database of regional cases that now comprises over 50 solutions is to promote digital solutions designed to improve the quality of life, increase efficiency of business and government.